“Chance Encounter With Applied Kinesiology?”

By John Diamond, M.D.

More than forty years ago, a doctor friend who was visiting me told me he had seen a demonstration of some muscle testing in the office of another doctor. He had only said a sentence or two when I had the strangest feeling, the Certainty, that this was for me. Little as I knew of it, I Knew it was for me!

Over all the years since, I’ve used Applied Kinesiology, for such I discovered the muscle testing was, as an integral part of all my work, of all my life. It was – and still is – a great Gift. My life course had been completely changed by this doctor’s chance remark.

But was it chance for him to tell me? Or chance for me to pursue it, take it up, embrace it? And was it chance for he who had told me, not to take it up himself?

It was Guidance for him to see it, and to tell me. But not Guidance for him to go further, as it was Guidance for me. I suspect he is sorry he didn’t, and I know I am glad I did. But he didn’t, no more than I did. Both of our decisions were Guidance.

Gandhi said we should no more mourn a death than celebrate a birth. So strong was his belief in Determinism: so strongly was he caused to believe in Determinism – so strongly was he guided to believe in Determinism.