Photography Videos

Dr. Diamond’s inspirational videos on Life Energy photography, his unique approach to using photography for healing.


Short, informal talks, revealing different facets of his approach.

Black and White vs. Color (2-pt Video)

Remarkable insights into the deep power of black and white photography: color shows reality, but black and white shows the deeper Reality that underlies it.

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The Little Things 

“My favorite photographs are of the little things – things like a blade of grass, a bit of rust.  It’s easy to see God as a cheetah or a lion – but to see God as a little bit of rust…”

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Alive with Spirit

“With all my photographs, I try to convey that this is Alive – Alive with Spirit.  And hope that somebody viewing it will get a sense of that Spirit.”

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Using the Correct Eye

The Life Energy of a photograph will be much higher if it is taken with the correct, “good processing” eye.

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The Power of Slides

“If you really want feel what a photograph can do, use a slide and projector.  It’s a magical, other-worldly, almost god-like experience.”

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My First Vision of Light

With reference to William Blake’s poem “To Thomas Butts,” Dr. Diamond discusses his “first vision of light.”

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Taking Portraits

Reveals a therapeutic approach to portrait photography to greatly raise the Life Energy of the subject.

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The Art of Relationship (4-pt Video)

The essence to healing photography is understanding the art of relationship: really relating to the subject deeply – not just seeing it, but seeing into it.  Seeing that it’s not just a twig, but all of creation as the twig.

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Patterns and Inner Patterns

“To me, photography is recording the inner patterns that are everywhere, but lie beyond the obvious.    I want to encourage people to look beyond the obvious, to where they have never seen before.”

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Holding Up the Flower

The Buddha, in a famous presentation, held up a flower for his disciples in a particular way, an example of what is called Direct Transmission.  Photography too can be Direct Transmission.

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Introductory Seminar on Photography for Healing