Robert Fulford – A Spiritual Osteopath

Robert Fulford photo

For more than thirty years, I have given countless, countless lectures and talks and seminars. To me, and perhaps for others too, they have virtually all been failures.

It has been a long time since I’ve wanted just to pass on information, however valuable it may be in treatment, in therapy, even in healing. Whenever I’ve examined participants for why they have come, the usual reason is: “To learn a new technique to help my patients”. Fair enough, but what I think I am trying to do is to help the practitioner to first develop a better understanding of himself, then he can so help his patients.

The essence of my teaching, as I believe – or perhaps more accurately, as I delude myself to believe, is to help the practitioner to unfold, to evolve. Then whatever techniques he employs will be far more efficacious, at the deepest level.

I remember my dear friend Robert Fulford, D.O., speaking on the phone to a young osteopath: “Cranial osteopathy is a spiritual undertaking”. So I believe should be all treatment, and certainly all healing. And this is my aim: to encourage, if so Determined, the spiritual evolution of those who come to me for teaching.

I used to put on the brochures for my seminars: “You will be changed by this experience”. Not brain-knowledge but heart-Knowledge, and I have always taught This in the context of the former. Trying to present both sides, and probably falling in the middle. Not straight practice techniques, “What you can do on Monday”, nor direct spiritual instruction. I’m not a guru.

I truly am in the middle: a practitioner who has been given a great deal of practical information to pass on. But always with the intention, the hope, the goal, that if presented Just So it will perhaps bring about a spiritual change in the practitioner – as Robert Fulford believed about his teaching. Of course, I’m not Robert – although perhaps, just perhaps, one day I will be. (Patience, Robert, I’m learning!) The more evolved I become, the more I’ll be able to help others as he did. Behind all the apparent facts he taught, his Message was always of the Spirit.

What’s more, I’m coming to learn that every person is changed by the experience of hearing me. There is always change. Every meeting is Planned, Determined, and every outcome just as it was Meant to be. So whatever I teach, whatever they learn, whatever we both experience, is just as it should be. It is the Way – my Way and theirs. Robert’s book is called Are We on the Path?, and his answer is always Yes! For there is only one Path – the Way.

Robert, I look back on my seminars, even those when the “kinesiologists” asked for more “tricks” to display to their clients, and I realize, through your teaching, that none of them were failures. They all achieved just what had been Determined for them. We all were changed – including you at my seminars – just as we were all Meant to be. We all were changed by that, and every, experience.

So, Robert, what I wrote at the beginning is not right. There are no failures. Everything is just as it should be – its individual and unique contribution to the universal As-Is.