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“The Performer, His Audience, and the Maternal Instinct”


Abstract photograph of orange and yellow light against blue background looking like an illuminated waterfall

Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Music as the Maternal Instinct. A mother doesn’t lullaby to get love – but to give.

Musicians, in contrast, are yearning to get – from the audience as the mother. Their music a cry for love. Listen to Beethoven – he is desperately seeking, not giving. They all are.

The musician, like any creative artist, should only yearn to give the love he has already Found from his mother. Giving back to them as if to her. Then his music will be of the highest Life Energy.

And the more we the audience give to him the more he will, at last, give to us. A performance then to be a mutual reciprocating cycle of the Maternal Instinct.

Listen to him to give.


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