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“Do Not Restrain the Muse!”

“Composing,” the composer proclaimed, “is creating within restraints.” And I did hear it right: restraints!

I have always believed that more restraints mean less creativity. Creativity comes from the Muse, and It must be free to express Itself into the world, for Its Song is ever of love. But there are so many hindrances and distortions on Its way up to conscious release that It is never clearly heard.

On top of this, however, to deliberately restrain it! Why? Because he grandiosely believes that he hears better than his Muse. Self-power not Other Power. And, further, he believes that this perversion of Her Song will endear him to the public, bringing him more fame and fortune.

He consciously imposes restraints on his artistic freedom, for mundane reasons.

Composer – or poseur?

Music restrained
is the Muse enchained.