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“The Matrotrophic Photographer”

From the Greek tropos, a turning, is derived our tropism, a turning movement of an organism.

So phototropism is an organism, especially a plant or a tree, turning towards the light. And as a photographer, I turn to the light: always aware of it, always relating to it. A photographer must worship the light.

Our first Light was our mother, and all of our loving endeavors throughout life are a turning towards her, to her smile of love. We are all inherently Matrotropic. If only we would turn to Her. This is the role of the photographer: to turn, and thus encourage others to turn, too.

I cannot resist mentioning another word Greek word: trophe, which means nourishment. A Greek scholar informs me that the two words may be etymologically related, as they certainly are in a poetic sense: we turn to our mothers for Nourishment. When babies, physical nourishment, and now Spiritual.

The True Photographer turns towards every subject in the state of Matrotropism, Matrotrophism. Every subject as the Light, the Nurture – as his Mother of Love.