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“The Healing Power of Music”

I honor music as a true and great therapy that activates the Life Energy within each individual. Hippocrates called this the Vis Medicatrix Naturae – the Healing Power of Nature. Paracelsus spoke of it as the Archaeus. It is Prana, Chi, Spirit. It evokes the true and only healing, that which occurs from within.

A drug may relieve the symptoms of a disease but it does not cure. The true cure always involves a major change in the patient’s attitude to himself, to life, and to God. The cure ultimately must be in the soul.

Of all the physical modalities, music most activates the life energy and uplifts the soul. Only pure love can do more.

My research shows that 95% of the population has low thymus activity* – and thus low Life Energy, as the thymus is a master controller of the life energy. The thymus activity will instantly be raised by music.

The basic therapeutic activity of music is the raising of Life Energy, reducing the effects of all stresses and noxious stimuli and enhancing the healing powers within.
*Your Body Doesn’t Lie,  p. 63.


Extract from the book 
The Life Energy in Music, Vol. 1The Life Energy in Music, Vol. 1 book cover