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“The Endeavor of Psyche-atry”


Nature Series #22

Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

I would like to practice true Psyche-atry.

Psyche is from the root BHES – to breathe. The Greek psukhein, to breathe gave us psukhe, soul. (The Latin halare, from the same root, gave us inhalation and exhalation – and halitosis.)

The sufferer does not believe he has a Soul. To help him find It is Psyche-atry.

And this always involves helping him find his mother’s Soul – which he cannot, nor can she find his, nor her own – nor her own mother’s.

The task of life of every individual is to find his Soul and then live accordingly a grateful life of the highest Life Energy, what I call a life of Cantillation.

This is the endeavor of Psyche-atry.