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“The Art of Relationship”

The art of photography is the art of relationship. I take very many pictures, and I love to do so because I love the relating. Some photographers spend hours composing in the viewfinder — and then take just one picture. But I love the frequent, often very frequent, clicking of the shutter. It seals our relationship. And I take to relate. The more takes, the deeper our relationship, the closer we become. I love every subject, and I love to feel loved by them. The more takes, the more love. I suppose it’s like kissing. You can behold your lover and kiss once or twice. Or you can kiss again and again. Each one more loving.

I’m looking at the trees around me as I write. We are relating, strongly, intensely. Their yin and my yang (or so it seems to me — perhaps they see it reversed). We are co-relating every moment. We are as one. Now, if I get out my camera and photograph them, I’m perpetuating (or to use Garry Winogrand’s term, immortalizing) that moment between us, so that others can later know it, too.

Perpetuating what? Our relationship, our co-relationship, our sense — yes, trees sense, of course — of oneness, of unity. And the unity is there, even with an unknowing subject like the back of a man on the street. For we are all One, whether we are consciously Aware of it or not.


Extract from the book 
Beyond the Obvious: Photography for Healing

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