Testing and Humility

John Diamond, M.D.

Countless times I’ve observed a “kinesiologist” doing weird, invalid – and therefore potentially harmful – testing. And countless times I’ve stated this in response:

“I don’t know what Jesus Christ actually said. I know what they say he said, but biblical scholars are still attempting to discern what were his actual words. Well, we can’t ask Him, but we can ask the Jesus Christ of Applied Kinesiology about kinesiological testing. Here’s Dr. George Goodheart’s phone number. Just call him up and ask if he approves of what you’re doing.”

Only one ever did – and he instantly stopped testing. Only one. But all the others continued, each in his or her own way, all different to all the others. All so sure, all so all-knowing.

One woman defiantly proclaimed: “If George Goodheart saw what I’m doing, he’d instantly change and follow me”. Such grandiosity – and underneath such a sense of worthlessness that they have to be so grandiose. And where’s the concern for their patients? But, they protest, they get “great results”. “Kinesiologists” seem to be unique in the whole field of healing as being the only ones that always get great results, each from his or her own brand of weirdness – different from, often contradictory to, all the others, who are all getting equally “great” results!

Once I was giving a seminar attended by a large group of “kinesiologists,” and one of them started to talk about his “cancer practice”. I found myself asking him, “What did you do last year?” His reply: “I was a pastry cook.”! I was shocked. “Don’t you think that more than that’s involved in treating cancer?” And he and all the other “kinesiologists” marched out. Some of them yelling curses at me.

Where’s the humility? Listen to recordings of the great healer, Harry Edwards. Hear the authority after fifty years of dedicated healing. Hear the authority and feel the humility. Authority, true authority – not bogus – always comes from humility. And likewise, listen to George Goodheart. Again, the authority – and the humility.

Humility lies at the core of all true Healing.