“Meditation Outwardly Directed”

To be healed, to be whole, is to be one with one’s Soul. And it is my belief that we need to go out to come in: to find our mother’s Soul in order to then find our own: meditation outwardly directed. (Initially we may find the Soul of another – a person, a creature, a thing, nature, a piece of music, art, or whatever – as her, and go from the other to the mother.)

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“Part of My Healing Meditation”

Every day as part of my healing meditation I give thoughts to many who have come to me for help. And then as a general statement: “To those who read me, and want to read me; hear me, and want to hear me; and see me, and want to see me – in order to be healed through me.”
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“I Have Beheld Many Trees”

Herodotus wrote that Xerxes on his march to Greece “came across a plane-tree of such beauty that he was moved to decorate it with golden ornaments and to appoint a guardian for it in perpetuity.”*

Well, I have beheld many such trees. I cannot decorate them – except with my emanation – but I photograph them as a tribute, and show their enshrined images to others.

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