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“Poetry and Deep Creativity”

Black and white sumi ink abstract painting, created for healing by a medical doctor

Painting by John Diamond, M.D.

Our word poetic is from the Greek poein, to create.

Poetry is so much more than words on a page. For instance, dancing can be Seen as poetic, and music – all arts, and all of life.

It depends on how we feel it was created – from how Deeply within. If from the Soul, then whatever its form, it will be thought – Known – to be Poetic.

The more we Feel it is on the Pulse, the Breathing of the Soul – the more Poetic.

Nicholas Roe writes of Keats’ approach to poetry: “in its purpose for accommodating humanity to the world, Keats [believed] that poetry offered a mode of intervention amid ‘the agonies, the strife / Of human hearts’.”*

Such poetry is Poetic: the Pulse of his Heart to ours.

John Keats: A New Life (Yale University Press, 2012), p. xviii.


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