Unconscious, The

The notion that we all have an unconscious which ultimately determines the decisions in our life and provides the underlying motivations for our actions and desires, is central to Diamond’s work.  Before the 1990s, Diamond used the concept in a similar way to mainstream psychoanalysis, especially as found in the work of Freud, i.e., an admixture of positive and negative emotions lying beneath our conscious awareness.  Beginning in the 1990s, however, Diamond distinguished between two levels of the unconscious: the superficial unconscious – corresponding to the Freudian model – and the Deep Unconscious* – the deepest part of our self, which is pure love, and which Diamond uses interchangeably with terms such as Jen*, the Soul*, the Muse*, our innate Perfection, and our inherent Buddha-nature.


  1. “We must remember that we are ruled by our unconscious. Our  decisions, large and small, are made by our unconscious.” (Life Energy, 57)
  2. “[W]hen most of us think we are making logical decisions, we are not; we are actually being ruled by our unconscious.” (Life Energy, 57)
  3. “Every day we make innumerable choices.  Every word, every gesture, each and every thing we think and do is the result of a specific (unconscious) meridian choice. And we make millions of these decisions in our lifetimes. When love is the pervading climate of the unconscious, these choices will be positive, each thought and action further raising our life energy and thus contributing to even more positive choices. But when the climate is one of hate, then life energy will be progressively diminished by all succeeding choices.” (Life Energy Analysis, 46)

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