No Not-God, There is

A phrase often used by Diamond to mean that that everything is God, i.e., there is nothing in existence, either physical object or event, that is not a manifestation of God. The statement is directly inspired by the non-dualistic approach of the school of Hindu philosophy called Advaita Vedānta and is particularly associated with the eighth century philosopher Adi Shankara.

The belief is central to Diamond’s approach (see Quote 3). He views the contrary position – that there is not-God – as delusional, the result of our uncorrected birthing trauma*, and the reason for our lives’ anguish* (see Quote 1). If our birthing trauma was corrected, we would feel at the deepest level that there is no not-God, and our Life Energy would be at its highest.

No Not-Tao (and related)

Diamond has extended the concept in recent years to no-not Tao, i.e., there is nothing in existence that is not the Tao (Quote 5); and further, to other related concepts such as no not-Tariki*, no not-Karmic Plan* (both Quote 4), and no not-Guidance.

Timeline: No not-God: early 2000s on; No not-Tao: 2011 on.

Commentary: The concept of no not-God relates directly to other key elements of Diamond’s approach, such as: that there is no evil, only misprocessed* acts of good; the concept of the Basic Split*, the dividing of the world into good and bad; the belief that man at the deepest level is inherently good (see Soul*, Jen*, Muse*, Deep Unconscious*); the Buddhist concept of Thusness, the enlightened acceptance of the state of things as they are; and, as mentioned above, Tariki* and the Karmic Plan*.


1. “Our lives are anguish because we cannot believe the Basic Truth: There is no not-God. 

And our delusion, our false belief, that there is not-God arises from the uncorrected physical distortions of the body, especially the head and neck, as a result of birthing trauma.” (“Why Our Lives Are Anguish” [paper])

2. “Everyone [is] an Instance [of God], for there’s no not-God.” (“Everyone an Instance” [paper])

3. “‘There’s no not-God’
I have proclaimed for many years.
But always not in the Biblical sense.

There’s no not-Tao,
All, All is the Tao.” (“There’s No Not-God” [poem])

4. “My essential teaching
(so I – perhaps – delude myself):

There’s no not-God,
no not Tariki,
no not Karmic Plan,
no not Tao….” (“My Essential Teaching” [poem])

5. “This rock – obvious Tao,
the brick – less obvious.

But all is the Tao:
there’s no not-Tao.” (“No Not-Tao” [poem])