Misprocessing (Ego-Misprocessing)

The misinterpretation by the ego* of the message of pure love from our deepest self, the Muse* (or the Soul* or Deep Unconscious*). The problem occurs because of the uncorrected vestibulo-cerebellar dysfunction caused by the evolutionary complications of our births (birthing trauma*), and while its degree will vary from person to person, it is universal to the human condition, and the underlying cause of our deepest anguish*. Diamond’s work generally is to help lessen the sufferer’s misprocessing to enable him to find his perfection (see quotes below).

See also: Birthing Trauma*; Ego, The*; Muse, The*.

Timeline: Early 1990s on. Originally Diamond used the full form Ego-Misprocessing. By the early 2000s, however, the “ego” was dropped.


  1. “To relieve our suffering, all we need do is to change our belief, to overcome the self-delusion of our ‘evil’ by correcting the ego-misprocessing that prevents us realizing we are always Perfect.” (Facets of a Diamond, 255)
  2. “My work is to help the sufferer clear away the mist of ego-misprocessing to find his Soul. For this is the basis of all suffering: the anguish, despair, and terror, of the ego, alone.” (Facets of a Diamond, 179)
  3. “We suffer because our ego-misprocessing prevents us from realizing, deep in our hearts, that there is Belovedness—that our mothers love us; that we are Perfect because she is.” (Facets of a Diamond, 171)