The love of the mother, both to her and from her. The word is Diamond’s coinage, taken from Greek roots meaning mother and love. Its opposite is matrodeima*, fear of the mother.

See also: matrodeima*, Matriyoga*

Timeline: 2010 on.

Commentary: Matrophilia is central to Diamond’s work, the basis for all human health and happiness. It relates closely to two other terms in the Diamond lexicon, Belovedness*, and Cantillation(1)*. While Matrophilia relates explicitly to the love of the mother (and all as her), Belovedness is broader. Cantillation, which predates Matrophilia by perhaps twenty years, is also close in usage.


  1. Matrophilia, our inherent, our innate love for our mothers, is the world’s oldest religion. It is the most basic, the deepest feeling within each of us since our own beginning. It is the oldest, and our earliest, feeling. It is The Feeling. It is the Wellspring, the Muse. It is our Soul. And in this grateful, this blessed state of Matrophilia, our life becomes a Song of Love for the Love.” (Art for Healing, 1)
  2. “In essence, my work… has been to help promote Matrophilia and reduce matrodeima.” (Art for Healing, 9)