Enso (Spherenso)

In the Zen tradition, enso (, lit., circular form) is a painted circle made from a single brushstroke. Diamond relates it to the Mother of Love and capitalizes it (Capitalization, Use of*). He also considers it to represent the circularity of relationships, most basically the reciprocal state of Belovedness* between  mother and baby. He then realized the sphere is a shape that arguably better represents this, especially because it is suggestive of  the womb, and thus coined the term Spherenso. He has stated that we lived in the Spherenso of the womb before we were born, and symbolically still live within the Spherenso of our mother’s love, whether that be the Spherenso of a relationship, a home as a Spherenso, or even the Universe.

Timeline: Enso (expanded definition): 2009 on; Spherenso: 2014 on.