Capitalization, Use of

Diamond makes frequent use of capitalization of many terms and concepts in his writings, especially since c. 2005, to the extent that in recent years it has become an integral part of his expressive written style. He uses this to infuse a words with a higher, more spiritual sense than would be suggested by the standard meaning. For example, Creativity implies creativity with very high Life Energy*,and coming from deeper within the self, than the standard. Similarly the Guidance* we receive, because it is from the Spirit World, is typically capitalized; and the frequently used capitalized terms Know and Knowledge imply heart knowledge, not just that of the brain. (Example: “To come to Know our mother’s Soul and so, at last, our own – and to live accordingly.”)

He also uses capitalization in a related way to distinguish between pairs of opposites where one term represents a positive, higher virtue (capitalized), the other a negative (uncapitalized), eg, Matrophilia* (love of the mother) and matrodeima* (fear of the mother); or Tariki* (Other Power) and jiriki* (self power).