The deep suffering that is universal to the human condition and which not only underlies all illness, but affects all of us emotionally and psychologically, no matter how little we are aware of it. The key to True Health lies in lessening one’s anguish and one can regard all of Diamond’s work as being directly or indirectly focused on that goal. The root cause of our anguish is that we do not feel loved by our mothers (often expressed as we have not found her Soul*), itself the consequence of our birthing trauma* (and that of our mothers).

In particular, Diamond frequently uses the term in conjunction with the first Noble Truth of the Buddha, which usually expressed (in English) as “all life is suffering.” In Diamond’s formulation the first Noble Truth becomes “all life is anguish,” anguish being a more powerful term, and thus more accurately reflective of the extreme suffering driving our quest for enlightenment. See Four Noble Truths*.


1. “Anguish implies agonizing, excruciating mental pain. The word is derived from the Indo-European root angh, meaning painfully constricted, which also gave us strangle. And, whether we are aware of it or not, that is how we all feel — strangled. Painfully constricted, choked by circumstance. Unable to expand, to breathe, to take in the air, to take in and embrace all of life, totally, gratefully.” The Diamond Color Meditation, 4.

2. “There is no easy solution for overcoming anguish. Nor do I believe there should be, for this is the very task of our existence. It is our Karma, our life’s work. There can only be the dedicated onward endeavor to Know in our hearts ever more of our true Identity, of our Innate Perfection.” Ibid.