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New audio download released! – “Three Aspects of Nutrition”

A lecture series by John Diamond, M.D.

Three Aspects of Nutrition cover

Three short seminars on food and nutrition that showcase some of Dr. Diamond’s most important work in this area.

1. Vegetables and Loneliness
26 min, 1992

Vegetables are perhaps the most essential of all foods, and yet our attitude to them tends to create a problem with our Life Energy, specifically the problem of loneliness, associated with the Thyroid (Triple-Heater) acupuncture meridian. Dr. Diamond discusses the problem and shows us how to overcome it, thereby helping us make healthier nutritional choices.

2. Organic Food and Life Energy
34 min, 1992

Despite being healthier than conventional grown food, most people have an ambivalent attitude to organic. This is the consequence both of a more general ambivalence to health, as well as certain specific unconscious associations with the label “organic” itself that affect the Life Energy of the person. Dr. Diamond reveals the different issues, discusses their relationship to the Acupuncture Emotional System, and suggests solutions.

3. Nutrition and Family Dynamics
11 min, 2000

In many families, it is the wife who introduces positive change in nutrition, and so often the new ideas are resisted and sabotaged by the husband. This conflict is symptomatic of deeper problems in the marriage.

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