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New audio download released! – “The Metaphysician”

A talk by John Diamond, M.D.

A metaphysician is a healer who works in a different, higher modality than a physician, the prefix meta deriving from the Greek for “beyond” or “transcending.” So while the physician is concerned with the care of the physical body and mind, the metaphysician tends spirit and soul. And though there are many physicians, and though they obviously do important work, true metaphysicians are rare, and are needed at least as much. The metaphysician equates with what Freud called “a new profession of ministers of souls,” and, although originally a physician, Dr. Diamond increasingly defines his own approach as metaphysical.

An essential quality of the true metaphysician is the ability to think abstractly, for only then can one rise above the concreteness of everyday reality to the metaphysical realm. Dr. Diamond offers great insights into the nature of, and impediments to, abstract thinking, drawing on the work of the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget and placing it in the context of his own research into the Acupuncture Emotional System.

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