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New audio download released! – “Tariki and Jiriki: Other Power or Self Power?”

A talk by John Diamond, M.D.

The dualism between Tariki – Other Power – and jiriki – self power is central to Dr. Diamond’s work, and indeed is one of the fundamental questions of philosophy. In essence, are our lives basically determined or are our actions the result of free will? In this remarkable series of presentations, Dr. Diamond powerfully argues that Tariki (Other Power) is the true nature of Reality, and in a wide-ranging discussion explores some of the implications of this in terms of the Acupuncture Emotional System, musical performance, Buddhism, and – most central to his work – our relationship with our mothers. And in an inspiring postscript he argues that underneath the dualism of jiriki and Tariki, there is only Riki (“The Power”).

Available here!