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New audio download released! – “Musical Mentoring”

A talk by John Diamond, M.D.

Dr. Diamond’s approach to using music for holistic health is different from regular music therapy. While music therapy is concerned with the alleviating of particular symptoms through music, Dr. Diamond’s approach is focused solely on raising the Life Energy of the person. His approach is also quite different from conventional music-teaching with its emphasis on the left-brained and technical. Instead he suggests that the right term for his work with music is mentoring, which, he says “implies a higher grade of teaching: teaching and More.” Music mentoring helps a person connect more deeply with his or her Muse – the deepest part of the self – as they’re making music, and allows them to find the true Pulse of the piece. The process is not complicated. It consists, in essence, of getting the ego out of the way and letting the Muse emerge.

Available here!