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New audio download released! – “God The Feeling”

A talk by John Diamond, M.D.

What is God and how can we find it? God is not a thing, but a feeling – in fact what Dr. Diamond calls The Feeling. The Feeling is mutual, reciprocal belovedness, and we all have an innate sense of it, both to feel it and express it. It can potentially be actuated in us by anything, but usually when we try to do so, we fail, in part because of a specific gall bladder meridian problem and more generally as the result of our misprocessing arising from our birthing trauma. With great insight, Dr. Diamond discusses these issues along with ways to overcome them, including a particular, very powerful chant. In an addendum, he discusses the notion that each material object in our world – every tree, every rock, etc. – is what Shakespeare termed a “local habitation” for The Feeling.

Available here!