Life Energy & Belovedness

By John Diamond, M.D.

For so many years now, all of my work has, basically, concentrated on the concept of Life Energy, the Healing Power within. So I have taught and practiced.

Recently I have come to see It in a somewhat different way which I feel is most beneficial:

Our degree of Life Energy depends on how loved we feel. And basically all love relates to our mothers. How loved I feel by anyone, anything, directly correlates with how loved I feel by my mother at that moment. This feeling of feeling loved by her, and all as her, I call Belovedness.

At each and every instant of my existence I live in a particular, exact, state of Belovedness – a precise amount high or low.

My Life Energy depends on how Beloved I feel.

The role of the healer is to help the sufferer to raise his Life Energy, his Healing Power. And to do this, he must help him to find his mother’s love, to live in her Belovedness bestowed.