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JOHN DIAMOND (1934-2021)

It is with great sadness we announce Dr. Diamond’s passing at the age of 86. He died peacefully on April 25th, his beloved wife Susan at his side, and had been in declining health for some time.

Dr. Diamond’s legacy is unique. His vision was truly holistic, seamlessly integrating the medical, psychological, philosophical, and – increasingly in recent years – the spiritual aspects of healing. A true renaissance man, he was outstandingly gifted as a healer, writer, teacher, painter, photographer, musician, poet, and much more. Whatever he did, he did with great originality, insight, compassion, humanity, and always with the deep intention of healing. If ever there was a man to whom the word genius might be applied, surely it was he.

To those of us who were privileged to know him in life, his death leaves a great personal void. But his work lives on through his many books, lectures, videos, and healing paintings, photography, and songs. Of these, only a small fraction have so far appeared – many more will be released in the future. So rest assured that we will continue to put out his inspiring teachings on his website, through his newsletter, and social media.

Whatever your relationship with his work – whether it is relatively new to you, or whether you have known it for decades – we fervently hope, as Dr. Diamond would have, that it continues to enhance your life and the lives of those that matter to you.