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“Expressionism in Music”

As soon as the music starts, we search for the tune. We must find it, or else we reject the piece as “too modern.”

But what if the very need for a tune is itself a problem? Isn’t the music the equivalent of what is called in art “expressionism”? We have paintings – “modern” – without a subject, and now music without a tune.

Like the music, however, these paintings are mostly dismissed. But what if they are even more important precisely because of what seems to be their defect?

Let’s consider the need for a subject, a tune. The reason goes back to the beginning of our lives. When thrown into the air, some babies laugh, knowing they will be caught by Mummy. But others scream, not having this basic trust in her. This relates to the spleen meridian: whether we have faith and confidence in our immediate future, whether we feel safe.

If we have a mother we can truly trust, then we can open ourselves to the music, the painting, believing that, however unsure we may feel without the usual guidelines, we will always be safe. And this trust in the composer, the painter, frees him to express more of his Deep Self, his Muse of Love, than when he is hindered by our fear.

He can give from his Soul and throw you into the air – when you Know your mother’s Soul.