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“Deputized to Alter the Sufferer’s Karmic Plan”

There comes a point when every healing endeavor becomes deeper, and therefore more spiritual. For all healing is basically to do with the Soul.

At this point, every so often, the sufferer quits – sometimes acrimoniously. He has come to the moment of truth, when he sees himself honestly. And now there must be the commitment to see the process through, or at least to fully examine and understand the urgent need to escape.

What to do? Is it sufficient to not go deep at all in the personal sense, but rather to encourage his Creativity as a less threatening way to his Soul? The problem here is the same. He will resist this, fight this, quit this – as strongly as any more obvious healing attempt.

What’s the answer?

It all depends on whether the healer has been deputized to alter the sufferer’s Karmic Plan.