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“As in Music, So in Life”

I normally work through the person’s music to improve their life. For, as in music – so in life. But sometimes I have to work first with the life to then improve the music, so that it may then further improve the life.

A woman has a beautiful cello which she plays very well, technically. But I can feel that the strings sound dead. It is not that uncommon to have one string gone dead, but I have never before come across all four. So she replaces them all, but there is no improvement. And then I realize that the problem is with her not the strings. She is, as it were, dead inside.

And on questioning we soon discover that this relates to a particular trauma some years previously. And then she realizes that from that moment she had fallen out of love with her cello, with her music – with life.

So I help her over her trauma, and her strings now sound alive – because she is now alive.

As in life – so in music.



Are you Moving inside
when listening to Music?

Are you Dancing within?
Are you Surrendered
to the Pulse of Music
– of Life?