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“Are Wrong Notes Ever Wrong?”

What if there are no wrong notes in music? Often, on investigation, I find that (unconsciously) the musician wanted to play the allegedly wrong note because he felt in his mind that it would sound better that way. (I am reminded of the scholar at Oxford who was asked by his tutor why he had written something that he knew was wrong. His reply was that he knew it was logically wrong, but it sounded better that way.)

But what if the wrong note was not intended – even unconsciously – by the musician? What if it was, as I would say, Guided? That for some reason unknown to us he had to play it just as he did. It was so Determined. And had he somehow over-ridden Guidance and played it as written – and not as Determined – all the universes would have suddenly disappeared! He would have negated the overall Karmic Plan! So he had to play it “wrongly,” for wrong was right. It had to be. That was his, and our, Karma.

It’s the same with painting. There are no wrong brushstrokes, or choices of color or any of the other factors that are the painter’s notes.

Every brushstroke, and thus every painting exactly – and only – just as Determined.