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“A Tribute to Hephzibah Menuhin”


Hephzibah Menuhin (1920-1981)

In the middle of last night, I thought of “Fisher.” Was it the Fisher Library at Sydney University? Then it became Avery Fisher – the concert hall at Lincoln Center.

Why? Who?

Then this morning, thinking of the concerts I’d heard there, a name came to me: Hephzibah Menuhin whom I’ve met backstage there. I introduced myself and she excitedly showed me my book she had under her arm: “It’s been my bible.”

She stayed with me for three days. She invited me into her World of Music – and I introduced her to Gottschalk and the didjeridoo which she waved to me as she boarded her plane.

She said soon to return – but never could.

Of all the musicians – so many – I’ve been with over so many years, no one loved Music more than her, or gave more of their Soul through their Music.

Was it her spirit that came to me this morning? I don’t know – but I hope so. She certainly seems to be with me as I write this now. To love Music as her – what More can there Be?