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“A Note on the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)”

In the world of Nature there is no RDA.

What is it then?

It is just an artificial system devised by technological man to reassure us after he has defiled and destroyed the nutritional qualities of the products of Nature. The RDA exists not for the good of mankind but for the food refiners to convince us that by refining and processing the natural goodness of our food, we really have not suffered at all. The RDA is a product of our left brain “scientific” society which believes that everything of importance can be numbered and measured, however inadequate our measuring devices may be.

Primitive man requires no RDA. He does not need to measure what vitamins he requires any more than a wild animal does. He eats whole food. We are not given whole food to eat anymore and we are supposed to be placated and reassured that our food is as good as nature, and in fact even better (“enriched”), because it meets certain artificially derived numbers given to us by an agency. But Nature has given us the whole pure food, and when we interfere with Nature we must not allow ourselves to be persuaded that the food is healthy just because of a few numbers.

No RDA is needed if a baby is given mother’s milk and no amount of RDA’s will ever make a substitute as good.

How then can we find out the quantity of “vitamins” we need regardless of what any agency tells us? Well, how can we measure how much love we need, or how much music, or how much beauty in our life? We cannot reduce beauty to simple mathematical formulae. Nor can we reduce love. And yet love exists for us and is the most potent healing power in the universe. Thank goodness no authority has yet tried to tell us the recommended daily allowance for love!

There is no daily allowance for love and there can be no daily allowance for nutrition. Like for love, we must place ourselves in environments where we receive full, whole, natural goodness from the earth and we should partake of it as feels right with our body once we have regained touch with our body and its true feelings.

What is required is not a daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, but whole foods – a plentiful and varied supply of whole foods and whole food concentrates. We must remember that “vitamins” themselves as we know them and as used by the agencies in arriving at the RDA numbers are themselves technological formulations. There is a great difference between calcium and bone meal, between Vitamin A and carrots.

Do not be misled into thinking that our needs can be met by a certain number of vitamins and minerals – no more than to think that the emotional needs of your life can be met by a certain number of hugs or kisses. Each of us has individual needs which will vary from day to day; and these needs are for the whole experience, not a hug or a milligram of a particular vitamin, but for the whole experience of taking in the goodness of nature through natural healthy foods and whole food supplements.

There are still parents who try to bring up their children in a mathematical way; for example, breast feeding them by the clock and not by the baby’s needs. The agencies establishing such criteria as the RDA would try to impose such regimentation on us. Do not be misled by the power of the number. It is the quality of the whole food intake which is important.

There is no magic way to learn the recommended daily allowance of anything for yourself. You must constantly question and learn as much as you can about yourself and the whole foods available to you. You must get in touch with your true body feelings and expose yourself to a wide variety of natural, wholesome foods. In essence, live as close to nature as possible. No one can give you magic numbers. To do so is an insult to yourself and to the sustenance that nature provides for us.