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“The Most Basic Emotion”

The most basic and primitive emotion is love. This fact has been neglected in medicine, and neglected in our society. We don’t read in the newspapers about love. We don’t read in the medical textbooks about love. We must realize that love can activate our Life Energy and promote healing. This is a matter of vital medical importance. Medicine today pays little if any re­gard to love and its power to heal. Perhaps what is needed more than anything else is to put love back into medicine and to reunite the professions of doctor and priest as they were in the past.

My belief is that illness is basically a problem of loving and of being loved. This was perhaps first stated by the Greek philosopher Empedocles about twenty-five hundred years ago. What Empedocles said is so basic and yet at best we pay it lip service. He said that there were two forces that controlled the entire function of the universe, be it the universe of an individual—his body, mind, and soul, what we might call the micro-universe—or the macro-universe of the total universe.

These two forces were love and hate, if you will, the positive emotions and the negative emotions. When hate is operant there is chaos and disharmony. The parts that make up the total world, the sphere, are not working together for the common good. There is fragmentation, scattering, and chaos, disharmony and ill health. But when love is operant there is integration, health, and harmony.

Love really is prevention; love really is positive health.


Extract from the book Life EnergyLife Energy book cover


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