Facets of a Diamond - Blog

“Music as Magic”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Listening, loving,
Max Goberman
and Meistersinger,*
I find myself exclaiming

What did I mean?
What does magic mean?

“The art that invokes the supernatural.”

Related to Greek mazon, breast. (Amazon refers to the legend of the female warriors who cut off their right breasts to improve their archery. A-mazon, without a breast.)

Imagine the baby at the breast, the mazon. The Milk as magic, and Music for us the magical food of Love.

Thank You, I am loved!


* Richard Wagner, Orchestral Showpieces from Tannhäuser [and] Die Meistersinger, Max Goberman conducting the Vienna New Symphony (Odyssey LP). Goberman (1911-62) was a conductor of exceptionally high Life Energy.