True Health starts with the activation of Life Energy, the Healing Power within.

Welcome to the website of John Diamond, M.D.

For more than forty years, Dr. Diamond has been a pioneer in the field of holistic healing. His work offers a powerful approach to health and life based around the concept of Life Energy, the Healing Power within. It combines a wide array of medical, cultural, spiritual and philosophical practices into an integrated, dynamic whole.

On this website you can learn about Dr. Diamond’s work, life, and his approach to many topics relating to holistic health.


—Reflections of a Healer

“Was Omar Khayyam born in a cabbage patch?”

Was Omar Khayyam born in a cabbage patch? Read More »

Video: Lung 1 – The Most Basic Acupuncture Point

Any problem within the Acupuncture System can ultimately be traced back to left Lung 1, the most basic point, which Dr. Diamond associates with Matrophilia, the love of the mother. Read More »

“Suzie, My Lovely Rose”

"Go, lovely Rose …… That are so wondrous sweet and fair." Edmund Waller (at 85) "I envy the octogenarian poet who joined three words – Go, lovely Rose – so happily together, that he left his name to float down through Time on the wings of a phrase and a flower." Logan Pearsall Smith (at 66) Read More »
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