Videos on Photography

Dr. Diamond has recorded many videos on Life Energy Photography, his unique approach to using photography for healing.

Introductory Seminar: Photography for Healing

Topics covered:  blah blah blah

Part 1.  Introduction

Part 2.  etc.

In addition there are many “essays” in which he reveals aspects of his approach.

Essays in Life Energy Photography

a. The Art of Relationship

Photography is the art of relating.  See video…

b. Seeing and Finding

Topics include: Inner Patterns; “It’s the little things in life that really matter”; Found Objects.  See video…

c. Taking Portraits

A special approach to portrait photography to raise the Life Energy of the subject.  See video…

d. Black and White vs. Color

Remarkable insights into the deep power of black and white photography.  See video…

e. The Sub-Carrier

Photographs communicate on two levels: on the surface, and, underneath, the sub-carrier.   See video…

f. My First Vision of Light

With reference to William Blake’s poem “On Felpham Sands,” Dr. Diamond discusses his “vision of light.”  See video…