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I wrote these comments on Applied Kinesiology back in 1975, some two years after meeting and studying with George Goodheart, D.C., the humanitarian healing genius.

I was honored – and still am – that some years later he chose my remarks as the introduction to his You’ll Be Better: The Story of Applied Kinesiology,[1] a major general overall introduction to his work. Read More »


Ethics is the study of morality, and “the general study of goodness and the general study of right action constitute the main business of ethics.” It is my firm and passionate belief that each and all of us can always act rightly, out of “goodness,” for we all are inherently “good” – we all are Gods, we all are Buddhas, we all are Perfection.

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My writing creativity was destroyed when I was eleven years old. My father had enrolled me at the same small grammar school where he had been a pupil, and where he became a “dux,” which is a top honors student. The headmaster and teacher was the same man who had taught my father, but who was now, of course, quite elderly.

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Just what do we mean by “holistic”? More and more holistic health centers are springing up around the country, and they proudly announce that they offer professional work in many different areas – yoga, meditation, biofeedback, reflexology, nutritional counseling, patterned exercises, relaxation therapy, massage, acupressure and so on.

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I went to sleep last night thinking about Metanoia and had this dream.

I was in a far northern country and it was a bleak midwinter. I stood in the back yard of a house and commented to the local inhabitant on how totally dark and black it was.

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Over the years I have made quite a number of psychological discoveries. Whether they are valid or important is not relevant for the moment, although I do believe that the system of testing that I have developed gives us the deepest and, at the same time, the most direct access to the unconscious.

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[Note: This article first appeared in The International Journal of Applied Kinesiology and Kinesiologic Medicine, Vol.
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“Music: the Great Therapy” by Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC, doula

(founder of Creative Childbirth Concepts)

Last week I was challenged by Julie over at Serenade Designs to consider my favorite quote and write about what it means to me. I didn’t even have to think for more than a second before I pushed back my office chair, rolled across the floor to my bookcase and grabbed the small hand drum that contains my favorite quote. This small hand drum has been in my grasp since the 1995 World Congress of Music Therapy held in Washington D.C. On the hand drum is printed a quote from Dr. John Diamond the founder of the Institute for Music and Health which reads:

“One day, well into the future,
Music will at last become
the Great Therapy.
And the drums of this present age
will then be acknowledged
as the first instruments
that helped Music
to ultimately fulfill
It’s long-anticipated promise.”

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I see the words “music” and ” the Great Therapy” and I get pretty excited. What’s more exciting is that since 1995 we have gained a much broader awareness and in depth understanding of the applications of music as therapy across the entire spectrum of life. Originally, the author states, “one day, well into the future.” Well, 20 years the future is already upon us and we, as individual music therapists and collectively as a profession, are marching toward the light of day when this future is a reality. Each of us marches to a beat that provides us passion toward this ultimate goal of helping the world better understand the power of music and it’s role in healing and wellness. We hold a large part of the responsibility of bringing that beat back to the forefront of everyone’s awareness.

On his blog on music, John Diamond, M.D. has some interesting things to say about his approaches that rely on the use of music and arts for wellness, healing, and life enhancement. The goal of the enhancing well-being or holistic health in individuals and communities is one that music therapists may find beneficial to review within their own theoretical and philosophical approaches to music therapy. I personally find this holistic approach very useful in my own resource oriented music therapy practice especially how I integrate all of the creative arts when working with a population that is primarily “well”. See, at Creative Childbirth Concepts® pregnancy and birth are not viewed as illnesses to be treated, but rather are as a very normal and natural part of development for many people around the world.

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New Book! Medicine and Beyond: The Diamond Reports, Vol. 1

Essential reading for health professionals and anyone interested in holistic health!

New Book by John Diamond, M.D.!
Essential reading for health professionals and anyone interested in holistic health!

Medicine and Beyond is the first of a three-volume milestone collection of writings that confirms Dr. Diamond’s status as a global pioneer in the field of holistic medicine. Originally appearing as newsletters in the 1970s and 80s under the title The Diamond Reports, the collection presents his groundbreaking research in holistic health, psychiatry, acupuncture, philosophy, spirituality, the Arts, all bound together by the core concept of Life Energy, the Healing Power within.

Medicine and Beyond contains 100 of the original articles organized into three sections:

• “Life Stories”
• “Thoughts from the Clinic”
• “Philosophy”

The book teems with insights and original findings, and will benefit not only those already familiar with Dr. Diamond’s work, but also those new to it. His vision of total health, which he now calls The Diamond Path of Life, and which fuses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of medicine into a coherent whole, manifests in practically every page of the reports, which were far ahead of their time when they were produced, and remain so even today.

We are delighted to offer this book in both printed and ebook formats!

Buy the book at LifeEnergyArts.com!

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Dr. George Goodheart: The Nature of A Genius

A Study in Inspiration By John Diamond, M.D., DIB AK

Dr. Diamond interviews Dr. Goodheart (50 min) The Goodheart Interview

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Freud, Ernest Jones, one of his earliest “children,” wrote a memorial to him published in the British Medical Journal in 1956. It was entitled “The Nature of Genius.”

Well, here we are at the 50th anniversary of the birth of Applied Kinesiology, “children” of George Goodheart. And as one of the elder “children” – now 41 years old – I offer this tribute to him and his genius.

For nearly 70 years I have been interested in the origins of our English words, etymology. Let’s start by considering the etymology of the word genius.

Like so many of our words, it is derived from an Indo-European root which has two basic and interconnected branches: KEN and GEN. From that origin we have today over 150 English words. All of them, in a sense, still related. Their origin and their subsequent interconnectedness gives us insight to the deeper meaning, so often buried in our unconscious, but still very operant.

The original meaning of KEN was to know, and of GEN, to beget. Some of the many words from KEN are: know, cognate, recognize, gnosis, diagnosis, kin, kindle, and kind. And from GEN – just a few of the large number: generation, generative, generous, congenial, gentle, genesis, progeny, genus—and genius.[1]

Genius is defined as “extraordinary intellect and creative power.” Intellect he certainly had (that’s the KEN branch) and creative power (the GEN branch).

All these words are subsumed
in the word genius
– in George Goodheart.

One meaning of the word genius is the spirit that enters us at conception. In which case, George Goodheart was especially endowed—and this genius he devoted to sharing with all humanity. For he was a humanitarian—a rarity in today’s therapeutic professions.

Humane and humanitarian are from the same root source as humble—from the root for earth, as is humus.

George Goodheart was always humble, knowing that all the work was not by him, what the Japanese call jiriki, self-power, but by Tariki, Other Power. It was of his genius to so know.  A humble genius—as is every true genius.

This well may be his greatest knowledge to give to his progeny, we of a kindred spirit.  Many of his techniques will be changed, adapted, fall into disuse, but his genius ever will Be.

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In-Depth Interview with Dr. Diamond

Dr. Diamond was interviewed about his work by Ronnie McMullen, Monday Jan 21st, 2013, at 11am EST. The show and interview are now available here. Enjoy this rare opportunity to hear Dr. Diamond being interviewed in depth!

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New Book: Matrophilia and the Inner Temple

We are proud to announce the publication of Dr. Diamond’s newest book Matrophilia and the Inner Temple. Matrophilia, the love of and for the mother, is the ultimate basis of health, and the bedrock of Dr. Diamond’s work.

Matrophilia, the love of and for the mother, is the ultimate basis of health, and the bedrock of Dr. Diamond’s work. In this revelatory essay, he explores the concept with characteristic depth, and reveals a simple yet powerful meditation using the Inner Temple, his name for the fourth ventricle of the brain, the place “where the Holy of Holies within each of us exists.”

And perhaps most importantly, as with all Dr. Diamond’s writings, this essay is specifically designed to raise the Life Energy — the innate healing power — of the reader.

This short, profoundly insightful work is an offering for the ages by one of the great healers of our time.

Just published, Matrophilia and the Inner Temple is currently available as a print copy and ebook exclusively from our website.

Click here to order your copy today!
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Now Streaming: The Fulford Interviews

We are excited to announce the FULFORD INTERVIEWS are now available for streaming from this site. Dr. Robert Fulford (1905-1997) was one of the pioneering cranial osteopaths and a personal friend and associate of Dr. Diamond’s for many years. In a series of interviews with the writer Gene Stone, he recorded many of his most important thoughts and aspirations. The result was the book Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life. Gene Stone has generously given permission for the recordings to be made public. Click here to access them.

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New Book: Arborophilia

We are proud to announce the publication of Dr. Diamond’s new book Arborophilia: Writings on Trees. Inspired by his lifelong love of trees, it is a magnificent collection of therapeutic writings.

Inspired by Dr. Diamond’s lifelong love of trees, Arborophilia is a magnificent collection of therapeutic writings.

Intensely personal, yet accessible in style, and ranging from single, poetically stated thoughts to brief essays, the book is infused with a deep spirituality and teems with remarkable, highly original insights into its subject that can only enhance our respect for, and relationship with, the natural world.

And perhaps most importantly, as with all Dr. Diamond’s writings, each item is specifically designed to raise the Life Energy — the innate healing power — of the reader.

A remarkable, uniquely powerful work, essential reading for anyone interested in nature and healing.

Just published, Arborophilia is currently available as a print copy and ebook exclusively from our website.

Click here to order your copy today!

“I look at trees around me and I understand, I feel, I Know, tree worship.”

— John Diamond, M.D.

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Dr. Chris Reading: In Memoriam

My good friend, Dr. Chris Reading, after a long illness has just died, his spirit returning.

I’m sure that as the spirit of another old friend, Dr. George Goodheart reassures me, he too will do better work now that he has been set free.

How can I mourn the death of a dedicated doctor now free in spirit to work as he could not when here?

Chris, you will no longer be concerned with mundane medicine. In your illness you Learned what really matters — and this, I believe, will be your new work for us.

His death a vacuum
that Nature abhors.

His death:
here mourning,
There rejoicing.

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