Life Energy Art

Dr. Diamond is a pioneer in using art for healing.  Art heals by raising the Life Energy, the Healing Power within, of artist and viewer, and over a period of more than fifty years, Dr. Diamond has developed a remarkable approach to maximize its effects which he calls Life Energy Art.

Life Energy Art is a part of Dr. Diamond more general approach to therapeutic creativity, which uses all the arts, including music, photography, and painting as a means to raising the Life Energy of the individual.

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Dr. Diamond’s books on Painting

Dr. Diamond has written several books on his unique approach to painting for healing that he calls Life Energy Art.

Art for Healing: Guided Painted Then and Now
Brilliantly integrating an astonishing array of learning, from the spiritual to the psychological, from ancient oriental art to Jackson Pollock, Art for Healing offers an entirely new appreciation of art, as a modality for holistic health.

Stillpoints: An Introductory Guide to Haiku Painting
Stillpoints focuses on the  concept of the Stillpoint, or Haiku Painting.  It combines powerful writings with actual examples of Stillpoints designed to raise the Life Energy of the viewer.

My Painting Guidance
This short book explores the influence of some of the spirit guides who have inspired his painting: Su Shih, a Chinese literatus of the Sung Dynasty; the great poet-painter Wang Wei; and the approach of the Japanese nanga school. A profoundly original statement about the very nature of the creative process.

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Six papers on Art and Healing

Here are six of the many papers on different aspects of art for healing written by Dr. Diamond.



I am often asked whether music plays a part in my painting. Well, I never listen to any at that time because I want to respond to, be moved by, what is inside me, not what is outside.

However, I often find myself singing inside while painting.

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I am only interested in Healing. I’m primarily a healer—not an artist. And whatever I do—all of my creativity in many areas—is always with Healing as the Only Intention.

Just what do I mean by Healing? It’s not the curing of a disease, per se, but the alleviation of the dis-ease in the soul, the deep anguish from which we all suffer throughout our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not.

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The test of every act of creativity—Does it help you to enthusiastically, passionately, wholeheartedly and gratefully Embrace all your life? This I believe, is the basic Purpose of all the arts—and thus should be the basic Intention of every artist.

The word embrace is derived from the Greek brakhion, meaning the upper arm, hence brachial and brassiere.

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I’ve only ever had one previous painting experience. And that was fifty years ago.

I prepared a large board with a neutral light brown color and then dug up some worms from the garden. These I dipped in various paints I’d got from the art therapy department.

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I am not aware of any other artist (if I may call myself one) who imagines, envisions, the frame even before he starts to paint. And yet the frame is an essential part of the final presentation, is integral to the actual art.

A frame is essential for a definite reason.

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Many years ago after I had spoken at a university, a professor remarked to me that I had a different system of aesthetic criticism. Yes, I suppose it is different to most—at least to modern critics.

For I believe that the purpose of all artistic endeavors—and for that matter, every activity—should be to enhance Life Energy: to encourage the Embracing of Life—enthusiastically, passionately, wholeheartedly and gratefully.

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