A Simple, Quiet Meditation

By John Diamond, M.D.

If there is, if there should be, a purpose in meditation, then, to me, it is the Awareness of Guidance. With this in mind, here is a very simple, quiet meditation:

With your eyes closed, and preferably lying in the Alexander position, count backwards from 20 in a special way: 20 as you breathe in, 19 as you breathe out, and so on. After you’ve reached 1, just be aware of your breath, in and out. And say to yourself with every breath, “Being Breathed:” “Being” as you breathe in, and “Breathed” as you breathe out. That you are not breathing, but being breathed. By Guidance, by Other Power.

Then, after several such affirmations, just be quiet and observe yourself being breathed. That’s all there is to it.

What if thoughts keep coming into my mind? How do I stop them? The thoughts, too, are Guided. And they will come and go, not according to your self-power but to Other Power. Every thought we ever have is from Guidance – including those in meditation, when we are most open to Guidance. This is, in fact, the very reason you have been Guided to meditate.

When do I stop the meditation? Again, when Guided. For it is Guidance that will get you to stand up, as it was Guidance for you to lie down. When should I meditate? And how often? Again, as you are Guided. And what to do after I finish the meditation? (You should ask, What to do after I am Guided to finish?) You will now do whatever you are Guided to.

So now you are becoming Aware that you are always Guided, always unknowingly carrying out your Karmic Plan. And everything we do – every action – in this state of Awareness is Action Meditation. Believing, not that you are doing the act, but that it is being done through you. Not self-power but Other Power.

You are always Guided – whether you are Aware of It, or not. But as one Guide put it to me, “The more you are aware of Guidance, the more mileage you’ll get from It.”

So meditate for the mileage – if so Guided.

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Meditation Affirmations

By John Diamond, M.D.

Every day in my still meditation I repeat these – shall I call them prayers?

May I be
a clear channel
for Your healing.

Help me
to help You
to heal.

I open my heart
to those who want
healing through me.

Then in my mind I go through a whole list of countries and of many of the sufferers there who have asked me for help. To these I add:

And all those who see me or want to see me, hear me or want to hear me, read me or want to read me, to be healed through me.

Then I make a gesture from my heart, my arms opening wide. Beethoven prayed, “From the heart to the heart.” He meant, “From The Heart to the heart to the heart.” As, I believe, I do.

It is this state, this feeling, this invocation, this prayer for healing that, hopefully, I bring to all my creativity: my overt healing in my practice, and my covert healing in my art, photography, poetry, music – and writing, as now.

My life, to the extent that it is my Way, is dedicated to healing: helping the Heart to heal.

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