Dr. Diamond’s books on Creativity

Stillpoints: An Introductory Guide to Haiku Painting
Just released! Limited Edition! Stillpoints is a breathtakingly beautiful synopsis of renowned healer John Diamond’s method and philosophy of Haiku Painting as a form of meditation.

The Life Energy in Music: Three Volume Series
The books everyone was waiting for. Including chapters such as “The Healing Power of Music”; “The Life Energy of Music and Performance”; “How to Choose a Recording”; and more.

Music and Song, Mother and Love
The origin of music is the lullaby; a gift of pure love given by every mother to her child.

The Way of the Pulse: Drumming with Spirit
The concept of the Pulse is the summation and culmination of Dr. John Diamond’s forty years of experience in medicine, psychiatry, complementary medicine, the humanities and music.

A Book of Cantillatory Poems
This collection of poetry, based on 25 years of clinical research into the highest therapeutic powers of all art forms, brings together highly acclaimed poets and many who have gone unrecognized for nearly four hundred years.

The Healing Power of Blake
Provides an inspiring introduction to William Blake’s prophetic poetry and letters. Excerpted, formatted and punctuated to reveal and intensify the Healing Power of his poetry.

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Healer – not Artist

By John Diamond, M.D.

I’m only interested in Healing. I’m primarily a healer, not an artist. Whatever I do, all of my creativity in many areas, is always with Healing as the Only Intention.

And what do I mean by Healing? It is not the curing of a disease, per se, but the alleviation of the dis-ease in the soul, the deep anguish from which we all suffer throughout our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. This is our spiritual suffering.

And only when our anguish is overcome, can we actuate the Life Energy, the Spirit, within us. And only then can we enthusiastically, passionately, whole-heartedly and gratefully Embrace all of Life. This, and nothing less than this, is the Intention of the healer. And so it is for all my artistic endeavors: that through them we may come a little closer to the Embrace of Life.

I believe that the primary Purpose of Art is to Enhance the Spirit of all, as it was everywhere in ancient times, and as it still is in so-called “primitive” societies. To this I dedicate my creativity, as I have in over fifty years of healing.

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Creativity from the Heart

By John Diamond, M.D.

The art critic Robert Hughes wrote that no work of art had ever stopped war. May I extrapolate? No work of art has ever transmuted hate into love.

But that – and no less than that – should, so I am led to believe, be the primary Purpose of all artistic endeavors, of all acts of Higher Creativity. I think it was at Lascaux, and is in some so-called primitive cultures even today – but certainly not in ours.

Beethoven knew this. He inscribed his Missa Solemnis, “From the heart, may it go to the heart.” From heart to heart, from Soul to Soul. Once we become Aware of our Souls, then – and only then – can we live in love.

May every artist, of every genre, so dedicate himself and his art.

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