Classes / Training

The Institute for Music and Health

The Institute for Music and Health (IMH) is founded by John Diamond, M.D., who is widely recognized as a leading authority on the use of music and the creative arts as tools for life enhancement and healing. The basic intent of the IMH is to teach people how to use music to raise their own Life Energy and those of others.

The IMH focuses on the exploration and elaboration of the direct correlation between music and health, and the uses of music as a therapeutic modality. Pursuant to this philosophy, the IMH’s practitioners provide services to a variety of clients ranging from private individuals to large institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools that cater to the needs of children and adults with a wide range of disabilities.

The IMH also educates and trains students in music and its use and application as a therapeutic modality. To this end, the IMH conducts seminars, workshops and courses, and offers a course of study leading to the Diploma in Music and Health (DIMH) which allows the Diplomate to work as a Music for Health Instructor. To enroll as a student or trainee Music for Health Instructor requires only a high level of interest in using music for life enhancement. It does not require prior music training, skill on an instrument, or the ability to read music.

The IMH currently has teaching centers in the USA and Australia, and conducts music for life enhancement outreach programs in five countries.

The IMH is the only organization devoted to the therapeutic application of music which is founded and directed by a medical doctor. Dr. Diamond has numerous books and other publications on the subject of using music for life enhancement, including the bestsellers Your Body Doesn’t Lie, and Life Energy as well as The Life Energy in Music, Volumes 1-3; Music and Song, Mother and Love, and The Way of the Pulse: Drumming with Spirit.

The Institute for Life Energy and Creativity (ILEC)

The ILEC, directed by John Diamond, M.D., conducts research into a broad range of areas relating to Life Energy—the healing power within—including: Creativity, especially Music and the High Arts, and Life-Energy Analysis, an integrated system for evaluating the effects of all stimuli, internal and external, on the body. The ILEC’s findings, which are made available to the public, provide a new understanding of the physical, psychological, and spiritual components of health and offer important approaches to optimizing wellness through the raising of the Life Energy of the individual.